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预见2024  欧赛斯商业观察

Whywe look into future?

“To be able to make better decisions today.”





Futureis a satire of acceptance and the image we want to portrait and project toothers.


Social Media Rating system” is the new standard of whatis good and decent.

Thissystem works as digital police, because it punishes each behavior that is notaccepted from the crowd.We compare on social media; Stock exchange areinfluenced by public opinion; We can buy a house or a car without deposit if wehave a high rating.

(“社交媒体评分系统” 是关于良好和体面的新标准。该系统可作为数字化警察使用,因为它惩罚不接受的所有行为。我们在社交媒体中进行比较;证券交易受舆论影响;如果我们的评级较高,可以在不用存款的情况下购买房子或车子。)

Andyou can see even Ali baba already implemented this system (Example: If you area father and you buy diapers online on Alibaba, they classify you as aresponsible parent and reward you with bonuses, benefits and discounts on yournext purchase). You can let your kid learn in a better school if you havehigher score. So, it`s not just a prediction, it`s already happening.


People live their lives trying to please everyone, lost in this world where they think their value is equivalent to their social media points. We are trying to please everyone, because the consequences are unpleasant. Everyone are a little bit

heighten and false, because everyone are terrified of being marked down. It`s basically the world we live in. 


Attention is the new currency




Social Rating Influence the quality of life we have and companies will use personal

data to influence buying decision. Exhausted of political instability, resistant bacteria (Candida) and crazy weather, people find their shelter in their home. They will spend more time with others with same interests (PLUs -  People like us). Running become badge for the rich people. Gym clubs becoming the new single bars. Nutrition is the main topic in conversations (we prefer food that is “Sugar Free” and “Additive Free”).Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. Getting tired of the virtual world, people escape in off-line . In recent years, focus will be on handmade, natural or real



Image: General trend of “Slow Utopia” (running from compressed life into relaxed and slow living)



The new middle class is in anxiety and hopes to run away from compressed life.  


Demotivationand Buddhism become opium for spiritual relief.


Home is a living testament of your life. In future, we will expose souvenirs from ourgrandpas, frame our children artwork and keep the stains of painting on thefloor and stains from meaningful parties. Memories have deep emotional value.


Products should look like it`s  “Not out of Catalogue”. Time and space travel mix textures, styles, trends and colours. “Unmaking” semi-finished design is the new normal - reverse process of making, like getting back in stone age. Symmetrical is out, and new product designs are breaking the logic. Micro Homes become mostpopular trend of the future, because of the high price of the apartments andoversaturated concentration in big cities.


Image: Seamless blending of differences.   Like mixing fur with silk material, or cooking “Healthy Fast Food”  

 (图片:差异的无缝混合。  就像用丝绸材料混合毛皮,或者烹饪"健康快餐")

People get tired of constant struggle with hectic life and find their escape in “giving up “when things get tough. We started to appreciate free time more than possessing expensive products. People will be less materialShared economy will invade with generic same looking products, and we will see “Floating products” lot more often. Country side lifestyle is a “new dream”of urban people.




Biophilia is popular as architecture of life. This design concept follows the shape of nature. solves complex urbanproblems with new design solutions. Example: Bad quality of air in offices, wesolve with interior of oxygen purifying plants. You can see everything is moreoval, not that edgy, in amorph shape. We avoid sharp geometrical shapes.


Image: Humanity is getting back to natural way of living. Essential indoor materials will be wood, stone, plants, fire, water.   (图片:人类正在恢复自然的生活方式。 室内必不可少的材料将是木头,石头,植物,火,水。)

You can see this public toilet placed as in a middle of a jungle, it`s actually a gas station in the center for the city. We strive for breathable, healthy cities. People have inverse process of evolution, we are getting back to our natural place of living.  


Peopleget back to habitat.




Last developments in “touch” and “haptic” tech, channel new comforting products who simulate a hug (or a sound of heartbeat). Technology is moving away from screens intro the products. “TOUCH ME”surfaces who evokes you to touch them, are becoming increasingly popular.In short, we trigger feelings (blend Oxytocin & Dopamine and you get asocial brain cocktail for making decisions without thinking).

“触摸”和“触觉”技术的最新发展为模拟拥抱(或心跳声)的新型舒适产品提供了渠道。科技正逐渐从屏幕转向产品介绍。唤起您触摸的“ TOUCH ME”表面越来越受欢迎。简而言之,我们会触发感觉(将催产素和多巴胺混合,您会得到社交大脑的帮助,而无需思考就可以做出决定)。

Social Engineering is a newfound skill that treats the Human element and involves understandinghow human make decisions, what motivates them, and how to provoke making fastbuying decisions without thinking.


Aldowe are so connected, we have never been more disconnected between each other.


Becausepeople are spending more time on their devices and they are not making friends.

Companies should utilize the trend of social isolation, to offer offline product and help people disconnect.


Image: Hugging sofa “Never alone again” 图片:拥抱沙发“再也不会孤独”      

We are getting into Lifestyle Brand Era. Brands prosper if they build massive

sub-culture that tech people ”How to behave”. Perfect example is “MUJI species concept” which teach young people how to dress. Biometric identification (fingerprint, voice, face and iris recognition) is a hit. In the same time Historical figures are used as KOL, example: Chinese emperorwho sells lipsticks gain annual sales of 1 bilion RMB.

(我们正在进入生活方式品牌化时代。如果能建立起大量的让人们学会“如何行事”的亚文化,品牌就会繁荣。有一个完美的例子是“无印良品物种概念”,它教会年轻人如何着装。生物特征识别(指纹、语音、面部和虹膜识别)非常受欢迎。同时,历史人物也被用作KOL,比如为口红代言的古代皇帝(乾隆)年销售额达到10亿RMB。  「此处指:故宫文创 」

Marketing in future is equivalent to “Sales in real time”. There is a new direction in marketing industry called “Micro moments”, and means to reach the costumer in the moment he needs the product. Example: (1) How to fix this; (2) Time for New one; (3) New Beginnings…

Areyou there?





Chinese costumers changed. The massive consumption market in the past,today China is a brand market with 1 billion high-end costumers who prefer personalised service. Trends setters are generally Z and Millennial generation: Educated, tech savvy, having rich parents, open minded, buy international brands, prefer loyalty programs, trust

KOLs, expect high quality and healthy products, easy to use.  


We have 2 types typical costumers of the future:


(1) Virtual Landscape persona

Prefer high-end lifestyle

The modern high end costumersare: oldboys and girls with inverse grown mentality. Work in blockchains and NEW retail and Have active lifestyle since their kids went abroad, Going on caravan trips with their friends and post their photos on WeChat to interact with their children

Hobby: reading, investment

Buying habits: Prefer customized products






(2) Slow Utopia persona

Struggling in life  

Young people struggling in first-tier cities,

In rental house less then 20m2,Work overtime

Eat takeaway food

Buying habits: Buy in convenience stores

Hobby: TV series, keeping cats,skincare








Digital influencers are invading all over the social media. Every second young person wants to become a celebrity and he is seriously working on it. Most popular words are They and Toxic (after many scandals, peopleare seriously concerned with safety of the products and they are obsessed withothers because they compare with the ideal lives of social media celebrities.


Tik tok is becoming the new national sport. People get in a black holeof time, loosing 3-5 hours watching videos that doesn`t add any value to their life.  


We are entering in Genderless era. In future we will often be confused: Who is the man and who is the woman. Wemen have great careers, earn more, buy apartments and the concept of “Masculinity” is slowly fading.


Fashion models are more androgynous and have a baby face.  




Easy to use products are the future. We crave foreasy life.


New costumer like cloths that don`t need ironing, easy to wash and dry fast. You

may notice Scandinavian bedding don’t use ironed covers. 360° product concepts has promoted practical work/rest/sleep products for everyday consumption. And products for “On the go” because we are constantly moving, often change living place, we travel a lot, going to business trips…

(新客户就像不需要熨烫的布,易于清洗和快速干燥。 您可能会注意到斯堪的纳维亚的床上用品不使用熨烫的床罩。360°产品概念促进了日常工作的实用工作/休息/睡眠产品。以及“随时随地”可以取用的产品,因为我们不断移动,经常改变居住地、旅行,出差……)

Everythingneeds to be small, portable, dissembling and transferable.    


New era of “Care Free lifestyle”arrived.


Tablets are becoming the new nanny,and kids can watch hours in the screen without losing focus. Rebellion iseverywhere, because we enjoy the freedom to express our own opinion and fightagainst public injustice.


Lifehas become less about "me" and more about "we."


Living a good life surrounded by inspiration, great people and experiences, empathy

and thoughtfulness seems to have more value these days than fame, a gold-leaf baby carriage, a private jet or a real fur bedspread. People are standing out today with social reputation instead of property, so we appreciate “How valuable you are”by:

• The quality of connectionsyou have

• How popular you are

• Education

• Job title

• How often you travel

• Are you charismatic or

• Do you have a sense of humor?











Future of humanity is not robotic, we use robots to help us

(1) Get close to Nature and (2) Live easier life.


(1)亲近自然 (2)生活更轻松

“Constant sensationalism makes people sceptical about everything”. We tend to trust things we have a history with. With tech moving as fast as it is, old things are quickly getting replaced by shinier, newer, often more complex things. It`s not that easy to position on the market if you don`t have the right strategy.  


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